swA one man hunger strike by Turkish lawyer Behiç Aşçı – launched on 5 April to mark World Lawyers Day – entered its 300th consecutive day on 19 November. The government continued to ignore his demand that they address the issue of the isolation of prisoners in the country’s controversial maximum security F-type prisons.Aşçı began the fast because, he says, he could no longer sit back and watch his clients die. Continue Reading »


We, the İstanbul Indymedia volunteers, want to get your attention for the ongoing isolation torture in Turkey. A lawyer, Behiç Aşçı, protesting the silence of the state as well as NGOs and public is going to die for he is on a hunger strike. All of us who have been silent regarding the case will bear the burden of this action if Aşçı turns out to be just another in more than 120 persons who died/was killed in protest of F-type prisons since 1996 in Turkey. On 13th of December, it was 250th day of Aşçı’s strike, and we do not want this beautiful man to pass away. istanbul.indymedia Continue Reading »

behic asciAs lawyer Behic Asci reaches 243rd day in hunger strike for the for the abolition of isolation practices in F-type facilities, writers, activists and NGOs come together to make a call to the government to end denial. 122 people died since 2000 in strike.

Lawyer Behic Asci, who pursues a hunger strike since April 5 for the abolition of isolation practices in F-type imprisonment facilities, criticizes news that he’s linked to a far-leftist group as “provocative”. BİA News Center Continue Reading »

In Turkey, since 19th-22nd December 2000, particularly in F-type (high-security) prisons and other, similar prisons, detainees and convicts have been placed in single cell or small group isolation cells (3 inmates together), in other words, an execution model that isolates prisoners is being applied. Continue Reading »

Moreover whatever the opinion of the Turkish State on the political beliefs of Behic Asci and the defendants that he undertook to protect, the responsibility of the Turkish Government remains in totality, in order to ensure their terms on the unbiased exercise of vocation of advocate of defence. Continue Reading »

Behic Asci

Samir Kuntar, the longest held Lebanese Prisoner in Israeli Jails.
What did he do? What was his crimes? KUNTAR WAS THE MAIN REASON HEZBOLLAH KIDANPPED THE TWO ISRAELI SOLDIERS IN JULY 12, 2006 which led to the sequence of events which resulted in the Israel Lebanon War.

A Song about isolation and “F Type” from Turkish Rap Group Barikat

greeceOn 24 November have a delegation of Greece visited Behic Asci. The names of the members of this delegation is Kostas Paplomatas (member of DOE-Greece teachers federation and member of PAME-union), Babis Bortelinos Adedy (member office-workers confederation and PAME) and Angelos Mandadakis (member of the central committee of the Sinaspismos party). During the visit they have talked with Behic Asci and at the ending they made together a press conference. Continue Reading »

The Lawyers Against Isolation have made the 22nd November at 13h00 a press statement about Behic Asci, the lawyer who is in hunger strike, in the front of the Galatasaray High School. After the press statement the lawyers have send the robe of lawyer Behic Asci to the minister of Justice Cemil Cicek. kalera.org Continue Reading »

Behic Asci called again to the ministry of justice that if he will solve this problem with a military operation, he will get only his death body out of this house. He says: “The ministry must end the isolation in the prisons, instead of thinking a operation.” Solidarity Committee Against Isolation Continue Reading »

Leftist activists stormed into The Associated Press office in the capital Monday to protest alleged mistreatment of prisoners and 29 people were arrested after police sprayed tear gas into the office. The activists belong to TAYAD, a group whose Turkish initials stand for The Association of Solidarity with the Families of Prisoners. Enterprise Continue Reading »

Grup Yorum

ihdHuman Rights Association sends letter to Ministery calling on Ankara to end isolation treatment at F-type prisons and enter a dialogue to prevent new deaths. “Or else you’ll be responsible for every death, for every breach of human rights in prisons”. BIA News Center Continue Reading »

Members of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention visit Turkish lawyer Behic Asci on the 194th consecutive day of his hunger strike to protest isolation conditions in “maximum security” prisons. BIA Haber Merkezi Continue Reading »

We, the endorsers of this declaration, who took part in the International Symposium on ‘Isolation and the Struggle against Isolation’ hosted by TAYAD (the Solidarity Association of Prisoners’ Families) in Istanbul, from 14th-15th October 2006, salute the resistance that was created in the F-Type prisons of Turkey, under conditions of isolation, and keep in honour the 122 heroes who fell as martyrs during this great resistance, which has entered its 7th year. Continue Reading »

tsfBetween September 30 and October 1, Turkey’s opposition groups held a series of meetings where every current issue from the Anti-Capitalist Manifest to the country�s energy problems, from alternative globalization to the future of the anti-war movement, union movements, education, the Kurdish problem and even the controversial isolation-style maximum security F-type prisons were discussed. Ayca ORER / BIA News Center Continue Reading »

8 minutes 40 second, www.freepressinternational.com

The Road to Guantánamo (Roadside Attractions), Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross’ half-feature film, half-documentary about three … all » British youths who spent over two years in military prison for no justifiable reason, is exhausting, depressing, slightly nauseating, and unfortunately necessary. It turns an abstract debate about human rights and the Geneva Conventions into a visceral experience of lived injustice: What if you were rounded up with friends on the eve of your own wedding; shipped to an American airbase to be shackled, beaten, and interrogated; and then sent without trial to languish in a cage in Cuba. 1 hour 30 minutes

In a modest flat in the Istanbul suburb of Sisli, a lawyer named Behic Asci has not eaten for over 120 days. His ongoing hunger strike — or “death fast” — is an act of defiance against unjust laws, a stand of solidarity with hundreds of Turkish political prisoners denied their most basic human rights, and a courageous call for solidarity from human rights supporters around the world. Asci began the death fast on International Lawyer’s Day, April 5, because, he says, he could no longer sit back and watch his clients die. GreenLeft, Simon Cooper & Ruth Riordan, Istanbul Continue Reading »

This film is provided by Withoutabox, “The Network for Independents.” 4 min 6 sec

president sezerJustice Minister reveals that President Sezer has so far pardoned 180 leftwing convicts who were on “hunger strike to death” and diagnosed as WKS victims due to malnourishment. TAYAD launches European hunger strikes after death of 120 prisoners.

Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer has so far granted amnesty to 180 prisoners who were on hunger strike to death in Turkish prisons and contracted the “Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrom” (WKS) as result of their protest action. BIA News Center Continue Reading »

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